Top 6 Things You Need to Do On Phuket - Thailand At Least Once

Boasting pristine scenery, a fascinating past, and plenty of unique attractions, Phuket won the hearts of many tourists by these. This Thailand’s largest island could easily be your best choice destination on a trip to Southeast Asia. So what could you do in Phuket? You could have a place to relax, but there are many perfect places for your explorations. That's what we have today. Read on for our list of favorite sights and activities to provide for your trip—in between lounge sessions on the beach and interesting culture, of course.

Before you go, you can choose two times as follows: The dry season between November and February, seldom has rain, it will help you be more convenient and comfortable for your sightseeing during the trip. However, if you go there from June to September, the rainy season will make the air very cool and clear, sometimes pleasant, with the sea breeze always blowing inland.

And looking at tropical rain which is very special, it reminds you of the emotions rushing back, suddenly you had an idea to go in the rain. It was raining heavily at that time, this rain reminds us of memory, someone and there are slow beats to blend in with nature. Moreover, don’t worry about taxis in Phuket, the destination will be calculated by the clock, so you can rest assured. Or you can rent a motorbike and use it to go around if you want. One small thing to note is driving carefully, I think you don’t like being fined by the traffic police. Getting it and now we start!

If you like Sea travel - Enjoy Patong Beach

Where Patong Beach: It is located to the west of Phuket city. The name “Patong” means banana because in the early 1970s this place had extensive banana plantations, crisscrossed between the mountains and arcing sands, and people used to call it “Patong”. However, instead of banana fields, now are hotels, supermarkets, commercial corridors, and entertainment centers.

What to do at Patong Beach: Many tourists enjoy an extremely poetic beauty with clear blue sea water and fine white sand on the beach. Therefore, you can swim delightedly in cool water here. And other things you could try are sea sports such as surfing because somewhere along the beach there is a big wage for people to do this; canoeing which can be easy to rent, then you can try by yourself to go on sea or go with an instructor (pay money); Having an adventure with parasailing, and fly in the sky with special views from high; sailing, you must bring life jacket so it is safe to play this sport and can try twice when you fall into the water; scuba-diving in West beach by rent clothes specialized store, finally looking a large ecosystem underwater with fish and marine aquatic plants.

When the night comes, the beach becomes more joyous and vibrant thanks to the music from the restaurants and bars along the beach. It means you can choose a random restaurant and enjoy seafood that is diverse and abundant after a long day at the beach. Then, you can go to souvenir shops, which are always on, and choose some gifts. And there are many shops on Bangla street which is a road for shopping, eating, and having fun.

How can we get Patong Beach: Now you are at Patong Beach, before this you can go here by plane from Bangkok or travel by car from Phany-Nya district because there is a bridge which connects Phuket with the land. If you go by plane, you would cross the National Airport, then you have two choices to go to Patong Beach. First, take a taxi and go South, then you cross Phuket Town, turn left and go West, the beach in your eyes after 30 minutes. Second, is a small road with views that can see the beach which begins at the airport, and runs along the west coast of the island. And traveling by car is the same, but you start from the bridge.

If you like nostalgic beauty - Wat Chalong Pagoda

Where is Wat Chalong Pagoda: It is among the 29 quite important temples of Phuket province which were built in 19 century. The most interesting point here is two Buddha statues, one named “Luang Pho Chaem” and the other is “Luang Pho Chuang”. They are the gods who have protected the peace of the people on the island according to their beliefs. This site is a complex consisting of many small temples, the most unique of which is still the presence of the Poh Than Jao temple which is located in the westerly old hall of the pagoda.

What to do at Wat Chalong Pagoda: If you go there, the first thing you could check is the dignified space here, it is very different from other places on the islands which are usually bustling and exciting. This place is a suitable choice for people who want to explore the unique features of Thai architecture and the tranquil grounds of Wat Chalong can help you feel relaxed after a long day's work in the city. Moreover, this is also a good occasion for you to pray for peace and blessings for yourself and your loved ones in your family. Because in some Eastern countries, visiting the temple, or pagoda can usually be considered to bring a lot of luck to you and your family. And don’t forget to take some photos! But only where permitted, some people don't like you taking pictures in a solemn place.

How can we get there: In fact, Wat Chalong is very near to the Town, so you can easily come here in only 15 minutes. Other things I can support you with are our time because this pagoda's opening hours are 7 am - 5 pm, you must note a list of places you travel to and check here before it offs.

If you like natural landscape - Phang Nga Bay

Where is Phang Nga Bay: This is an attractive bay with many limestone mountains and an area 400 km² of the surface. It is located in the Andaman Sea between the island of Phuket and the mainland of Peninsular Malaysia, and the most famous islands in this bay are Ko Tapu which is like a chisel, big on top and small at the bottom. Giant limestone mountains, standing straight out in the sea as big and small animals have personalities, make people very interested.

What to do at Phang Nga Bay: When you come here, kayak to visit the rocky mountains surrounded by the green wild plants or natural caves, inside are countless sparkling stalactites and the price to rent a kayak is very cheap. Then, you can experience stronger sensations by going near the foot of Khao Kien mountain. Here, large dark caves appear, displaying primitive paintings, depicting the appearance of humans and animals. Therefore, you can know people still live there for a long time before, it is a history.



If you are an explorer, there is a place that was born for you. Tham Nak Cave, when you come, right at the entrance, a twisted rock cave similar to an endless snake. Going through this, green rocks overflow from the top, like a frozen waterfall appears and make you breath-taking with its beauty. Therefore, this bay was the choice for many blockbuster movies such as Jurassic Park, and Agent 007.

How can we get there: In fact, this place is not in Phuket province, but it is very near to Phuket. Therefore, when you are at Phuket, rent a boat and go through the North-East and you cross the bay after 30 minutes. Or you can directly go to Phang Nga province by car.

If you like poetic beauty - Koh Phi Phi Islands

Where is Koh Phi Phi Islands: This place is located in the South, between the big island of Phuket and the Strait of Malacca, it takes about 40 from Phuket as the crow flies. You need to go there by local boat, but this is also interesting because you can see blue water like the color of the Jussepin stone. If you cross there, limestone mountains with cliffs, caves, and long fine white sand are the first things you see and make you so ecstatic that you can't take your eyes off.

What to do at Koh Phi Phi Islands: In fact, these islands are part of Hat Nopparat Thara-Ko Phi Phi National Park. Therefore, it is home to an abundance of coral and marine life, you could try ecotourism by scuba-diving to explore the water ecosystem. Then, there are many surprises for you, a wondrous world opens, you can't even believe your eyes, significant beauty appears with the scenery of coral reefs with fishes walking around, the peaceful sea floor with undulating sand valleys, the gentle sunlight shining from above, all blend and creates a poetic picture

Or you can try going around island by boat, canoe and see a scene of limestone mountains covered with green moss, so you can take photos and share with your friends about the magnificence of nature here.

How can we get there: As I say, you can only go there by speedboat or longtail boat most often from Krabi Town or the piers in Phuket province. Moreover, Phi Phi Le is home to the "Viking Cave" where a thriving bird's nest harvesting industry is located, so you can try to go there first and learn how to declare this product type.

If you like Buddhism - Big Buddha Statue

Where is Big Buddha Statue: Built on Nakkerd Hill, the 25-meter-tall Big Buddha is made entirely of Myanmar marble, and is also noted as Phuket's largest Buddha statue. Therefore, it becomes a symbol of this island and spiritual and religious symbols of great value to them. Because Buddhism is very important to the people on the island, this acupuncture also carries with it the breath of Eastern culture.

What to do at Big Buddha Statue: At this place, you will have to go through a road with a length of about 6 km from the foot to the top of the mountain, but don’t worry, there are many trees along the road, so you can work and check-in during your journey. In this place, you also see Phuket City from high with buildings below and in the distance the shore.

Therefore, the afternoon is a suitable choice for going here, you could see a peaceful afternoon with birds flying in the sky, dim lights of houses appearing in the golden light, the sun is slowly setting on the far horizon with the clouds drifting slowly, the sea surface reflects the shadow of the sunset, ..etc. All of this can make you never keep out, and the word “beautiful” also can't describe this charm.

How to get to Big Buddha Statue: It isn't hard to find this on a map, because it is very close to Phuket Town. Therefore, you can take a taxi and get to the entrance, then walk about 6km from the foot of the mountain to the top. Or you can rent a bike, go slow and look at the views along the road.

If you like parties - Soi Bangla Night Street

Where is Soi Bangla Night Street: After a long day playing on beaches, you can stop in this place and enjoy many activities. It is located near Patong Beach, like an owl, when night falls, this place explodes with vigor. Neon light, music, laughter, and cheers can make you delectable.



What to do at Soi Bangla Night Street: The first thing you have to do is go around the street, choose for yourself one place that makes you feel good such as going to a restaurant and eating seafood just caught by a fisherman, so it is very delicious. Moreover, you could also try Thai food street, which costs a lot of paper and ink for international journalists. As you ate, you were silenced into ecstatic, eyes closed joy, at the flavors and freshness of your meals, especially the unmistakable spicy taste of some dishes. Then, you can go to some club, dance, enjoy music and drink cold beer, along with the youthful melodies, mixed with the street performances performed by the dancers here, attracting a lot of eyes from tourists when coming here to explore.


How can we get there: Luckily, it is in Phuket Town, so you can go there easily by many easy ways. Unlike the mellow, dreamy white sand beaches of Phuket, Bangla Road

The center of Patong is famous as the most vibrant and bustling night paradise in Phuket. This is not just a place only great for those who love the fun, vibrant atmosphere of music, lights, choreography, colors, and beauty but also a reason to make solo travelers forget about loneliness.


That is 6 the most amazing places to go at Phuket, Thailand. Which one is your favorite? If you have any other destinations around Phuket, don't forget to let us know in the comment below, share this amazing guide to your friends

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