10 Best Destinations In Asia To Travel This November

As the largest continent by size and population by area on Earth, Asia offers diversity and suitability for all travelers. It's a multicultural melting pot of some of the oldest civilizations on earth.  From dramatic landscapes and beautiful beaches to modern cities and rich cultural heritage, Asia has it all. And if you are planning to travel with your family or your friends, following the top 10 "unmissable" destinations in Asia will be excellent choices for your trip. Let's discover together now!

1. Dead sea, Israel

Located on the border of the two countries Israel and Jordan, the Dead Sea has long become a coordinate that attracts many tourists to resort and virtual life because it possesses beautiful scenery and is also rumored to be very helpful for our health. Though famous for its name with the word "sea," this closed water area is actually just a reservoir with the highest salinity in the world.

Due to the terrible salinity, except for some microorganisms, no living organism can grow here. That's why this lake has such a creepy name!

This area owns clear blue water, a dry climate, and is always full of sunshine. In particular, the islands made up of small salt dunes floating in the middle of the lake are also the places where many magical pictures were born on social media. In addition, the biggest reason for attracting tourists from far away is because of the rumor that the water in the Dead Sea has healing powers and is very good for human health.

Scientists have determined that Dead Sea water contains a mixture of beneficial minerals. Unlike table salt, the salt in this lake is very bitter, has the effect of helping to treat many dermatological diseases, helps relieve stress, exfoliates the skin, reduces muscle pain, effectively treats arthritis and sinusitis. Therefore, it is not surprising that the number of tourists flocking here is so large!

2. Luang Prabang, Laos

Luang Prabang in northern Laos at the heart of a mountainous region. UNESCO recognized it as a world cultural heritage site in 1995  thanks to its unique and "remarkable" architectural, religious, and cultural heritage, the exceptional fusion of Lao traditional architecture, and European colonial-style buildings in the 19th and 20th centuries

Its unique, remarkably well-preserved townscape illustrates a critical stage in blending these two distinct cultural traditions.

A perfect trip in the ancient capital of Laos usually includes a hike up Phousi Hill and a cruise on the Mekong River. Besides, visitors can immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of Luang Prabang Night Market, visit Haw Kham Royal Palace, cool off at the three-tiered Kuang Si waterfall, and enjoy buffalo meat noodles, sandwiches, or breadsticks.

3. Taj Mahal

Tāj Mahal is a mausoleum located in Agra, India, built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his wife, Mumtaz Mahal. The Taj Mahal is considered the finest example of Mughal Architecture, a synthesis of Persian, Turkish, Indian, and Islamic architectural styles. The building, built in the 17th century, was recognized as a UNESCO world heritage in 1983 and is known as a "world-admired masterpiece among world heritage sites."

The mausoleum was built of white marble and red sandstone on high. Thanks to this particular material, the Taj Mahal can change color depending on the intensity of sunlight. Each time frame, the mausoleum has its own color, which is also one of the unique highlights of the temple this project.

The cypress's green with the canal's green and the warm red of the side sandstone monument. All have created a delicate, magnificent architecture with harmonious colors, and the story behind it also makes us feel excited. He spent the rest of whom life building the tomb for his late wife; its magnificence also proves his love.

4. Sapa

Sapa - the land of fog, is likened to the convergence of heaven and earth, located in the Northwest of Vietnam. Quiet as ethnic girls, but Sapa hides many miracles of natural scenery. Sapa's natural landscape is combined with human creativity, the green color of the forest, the yellow color of ripe rice, and the soft terraced fields. Like a picture arranged in a harmonious composition, creating an attractive poetic landscape.

Sapa town is always submerged in drifting clouds, but you will feel the typical climate of the highlands with 4 seasons in a day. Early morning is spring, noon is summer, the evening is autumn, the night in winter. In addition, contemplating the unspoiled beauty of the terraced fields, majestic mountains, discovering the customs and culture of the ethnic groups in the mountains, and the indigenous culture is something you don't want to miss in Sapa. Not only has a pleasant climate, fascinating natural scenery, but Sapa also attracts tourists with its diverse cuisine with the typical flavor of the Northwest mountains. The scenery of mountains and forests with hundreds of flowers blooming, "clouds embrace mountains, mountains embrace clouds," will surely delight visitors when they have set foot in this place.

The land of the Northwest is not only diversified culture in ethnic but also famous for its unique cuisine. In particular, each Northwestern dish possesses a racy flavor from ginger, lemongrass, chili, herbs, basil, cardamom, etc., making you feel like you are tasting all the flavors of the mountains in one meal.

5. Maldives

"Resort paradise"- The Maldives, an island nation in the Indian Ocean, located between the Arabian and Laccadive seas, roughly 500 miles southwest of Sri Lanka, the Maldives is about as isolated. But famous for its beautiful islands and luxury resorts. Formed from coral reefs hidden under the stunning cobalt blue water, the Maldives appears as a paradise on earth. You can't understand the scenic beauty of the Maldives until you're there in person. The picturesque atolls are fringed by white sands, private villas suspended over striking blue waters, spectacular sunsets dipping into the horizon, and The Maldives is truly an ideal destination for honeymooners looking for seclusion.

If you are adventurers, try world-class water sports as Wakeboarding, Flyboarding, Fun Tubing...  Small boats gliding in the sunset, a snack with cocktails or fruit juices, you will truly experience the most magical relaxing moments with the lovely sea creatures. The Maldives is also famous for spectacular hotels, from underwater to overwater private bungalows to exquisite resorts.

6. Bali

Bali, located in the east of Indonesia, was voted one of the best resort islands globally by nature, with unspoiled but stunning scenery. Bali is known as 'Paradise Island.' It attracts visitors by its emerald green beach, towering volcanoes wrapped in a deep green canopy, sandy shores that fade into turquoise waters.

Not only outstanding for the scenery, but Bali also attracts people by the unique and impressive traditional cultural space of the indigenous people. The perfect combination of Hindu culture and religious beliefs has produced many works of art of high value. In addition, the people on this beautiful island are very gentle and hospitable, so you will quickly catch up with life here

7. Kelimutu

Kelimutu is a volcano near the town of Moni in Flores Island, Indonesia. This volcano consists of three volcanic lakes of different colors, located close to each other. The size is similar, but the water in each lake has a different color, and the color can change without regularity. Their colors change periodically, and they are changed by chemical reactions, the colors of the lakes are distinct and independent from each other based on volcanic activity. Between January and November 2016, the color of the crater changed six times.

A short time before noon is ideal to see the lake surface, and in the afternoon, the fog covers the entire lake surface, floating and making the lake surface blurry. It makes the water in the lake not very clear, although the surrounding landscape is lovely and full of romance. That is why tourists often stay overnight in Moni village to see the lake in the early morning. Tourists are coming to Indonesia love this tourist destination because they will experience the breathtaking scenery that only nature can create.

8. Seoul

Seoul is the capital of the Republic of Korea, located next to the Han River in the Northwest region of Korea. And it is one of the most attractive big cities in Asia. Where many political offices, commercial centers as well as large Korean companies are gathered. Although modern, Seoul always knows how to keep its ancient beauty expressed through unique palaces.


As a city at the intersection of modernity and tradition, there are many places in Seoul that you cannot miss when coming here. A land with a strange attraction for anyone who has ever or never set foot here. It is bustling and crowded but still has a romantic and poetic space with many picturesque landscapes that attract Korean tourists in the late autumn sun and the early winter chill.

9. Kyoto

    Kyoto city is known as an ancient city with more than 1000 years. It is imbued with the identity of the people of the land of Cherry Blossom. It is an ancient city because there are no skyscrapers, modern buildings, narrow streets with low houses intertwined with not many trees and vehicles. In return, the ancient capital preserves many historical and cultural relics of the Japanese people, both materially and spiritually. Kyoto is the embodiment of old Japan, known as the "soul of Japan." Kyoto has many beautiful temples, shrines, and monuments that cannot be found anywhere in Japan.

    The ancient capital of Kyoto is famous for having more than 2,000 temples and ancient architectures, large and small, of which 17 ancient temples are recognized by UNESCO as world cultural heritages. If you love history - architecture, culture - art, do not to be missed these temples.

    10. Singapore

      Singapore, the most beautiful and pure country globally, is an island nation in Southeast Asia. The island nation is located off the southern tip of the Malay peninsula. Singapore is a unique spot in Southeast Asia.

      This island-city state is modern and cosmopolitan, home to multi-story shopping malls combined with stunning and unexpected natural attractions. You can appreciate the world's tallest indoor waterfall and a giant butterfly garden with over 1,000 species of free-flying tropical greenery. You can weave your way through the distinctive red-toned streets, explore temples, and enjoy delicious Chinese cuisine in Chinatown. It won't disappoint you

      You can also explore the home of hundreds of plant varieties from around the world at Garden By The Bay.


      Have you witnessed the Asian miracle? What are you waiting for if you haven't booked your flights to Asia yet? There will undoubtedly be many surprises and exciting things in store for you!

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