The Amazing South Africa

1. The Mauritius island view from above, how amazing

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2. Chit chat at front of Pyramids Giza, Egypt

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3. Epic sunset at Serengeti National Park Tanzania

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4. The beauty of the tropical paradise, Seychelles

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5. You’ll never want to miss sunrise out in the Serengeti

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6. Enjoy the sunset with the big friend, at Chobe National Park

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7. Mesmerizing morning view with the waterfall, at Mauritius

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8. Malamba falls ladies and gentlemen, this place for me was the truest definition of a hidden gem

Aside from the fact that it takes a bit of a while to get to the location, the waterfall itself is concealed inside a deep cleft on the side of a hill covered with thick vegetation. It only reveals itself to you once you’ve made your way down closer to the foot of the hill.

I vividly remember freezing in my tracks and dropping my jaw when I first saw it. It was truly a sight to be hold. I wanted to just stand there and admire it from that spot and I also wanted to take a million pictures of it at the same time. Everything looked so lush and beautiful. Man Goba had to remind me that we still had to go all the way down to see it in all its glory as the closer to the waterfall you got, the more it revealed itself.

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9. The elephant enjoy the morning routine with the beautiful view, at Amboseli National Park, Kenya

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10. Enjoy the magical sunrise at Mauritius

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11. A curious tower of Reticulated giraffes in Samburu, Kenya

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12. Considered one of the most scenic routes up Mt Kilimanjaro

the remote Lomosho Route has smaller crowds and comes with a beautiful, and generous southern traverse

With ten days of trip-time, our Kilimanjaro trek on the Lemosho Route takes longer than the alternatives, but gives plenty of acclimatization time to trekkers

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13. Morocco is definitely one of those chaotic countries, here at Mosque Hassan II, Casablanca

that can easily be overwhelming at first and everyone will have mixed feelings. Its architecture is absolutely amazing, the food is great, most of the people are very nice and the landscape is out of this world, but at the same time traffic is absolutely crazy, it is always super busy and tends to be a little too much from time to time.

But if you come with an open mind and curious about new discoveries you will see, that there is something great to discover in every narrow street of the medina as well as in the open desert

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14. Whenever you are searching for paradise you should consider the Seychelles

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15. The epic sunset at the wild Maasai Mara, Kenya

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16. Hot air balloon safari experience is totally worth pursuing, at Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

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17. Did you know? Mt. Kilimanjaro is the only mountain that anyone is capable of summiting Africa's highest mountain

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18. Paradise awaits, the perfect getaway at Le Morne Brabant Mauritius

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19. How stunning is this fall view, beautiful rainbow, at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

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20. Can’t wait to find my way back to paradise again, at Seychelles

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21. The beauty of Giza Pyramids

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22. Let's take a ride with the history, at Pyramids Giza, Egypt

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23. Welcome to the second biggest colosseum in the world, at Tunisia, ElJem colosseum, Mahdia 

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24. Alone in the desert of Namibia

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25. The crystal blues of the lagoon at Mauritius

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