Does Marrakesh Safe For Visit This September?

Traveling there requires to be alert all the time as your attention will be solicited in all directions and the streets can be overwhelmingly crowded.

Although the city is beautiful and a feast for the eyes, it’s small narrow streets and crowded areas makes it a particularly appealing place for pickpockets.

1. Does Marrakesh Safe To Travel For Families?

If you’re wondering if Marrakech is safe for family, you shouldn’t worry. Moroccans love kids. For them children are sacred and they hold a very special place in their culture. Moroccan society is family-oriented. Moroccans usually have big families and they are incredibly friendly to kids

2. Does Marrakesh's Public Transportation Safe?

In Marrakech, public transportation such as small taxis and city buses tend to be really safe. Small taxis usually have seat-belts and they are shared by fewer people than the grand taxis

When taking public city buses in Marrakech, keep your wallet in your front pocket. You can also carry a money belt or travel with a slash-resistant and lockable anti-theft bag

3. How About Food, Does Food In Marrakesh Safe?

The food in most restaurants of Marrakech is not only safe, but it’s also extremely delicious. From chicken tagine, spicy harira to delicious lamb Tanjia, in Marrakech you’ll be able to sample great exotic dishes. The food there is not only great, but it’s also extremely affordable

4. How Is Healthcare In Marrakesh?

It’s important to visit Marrakech with good health insurance. Public hospitals in Marrakech are not very good, and private hospital care in the city is very expensive. Morocco has two healthcare systems: private and governmental. The private system is only accessible by paying and generally costs a lot even by foreigners standard.

5. Does Marrakesh Safe At Night?

As long as you’re near the city center and you don’t venture far on the outskirts of Marrakech, your risk of being harassed, mugged or assaulted is very low.

If you want to be totally safe avoid the areas of Gueliz and Hivernage at night as the nightclubs of these districts are regularly frequented by prostitutes and random street fights erupt in that part of the city.

6. Does Marrakesh Safe For Tourist?

Tourists from all countries should be perfectly safe in Marrakech. In a recent discussion with one of my American friends, he confided to me, that he initially didn’t want to visit Marrakech years ago because he thought the city was quite dangerous for tourists and ridden with terrorists.

It’s a beautiful city that captures the essence of Morocco in a spectacular way. However, if you want to be perfectly safe in Marrakech, it’s important to follow a few precautions and be very aware of your environment at all times.

In the end, I hope this article with 6 noted helped you learn more about security and safety in Marrakech. And do you have a plan to visit Marrakesh again this year? Let us know in the comment below

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